Every owner, occupant, tenant, or lessee of a house or building used for residential, public, business, or commercial purposes is required to maintain supervision and surveillance over the containers or dumpsters servicing their premises. If the contents of solid waste containers are not removed by the collection contractor for a period exceeding seven days, such owner, occupant, or lessee must thereafter immediately notify the City Manager. The City Manager shall promptly investigate the matter, and if he finds that the contractor has failed to collect trash or garbage from the subject premises without cause, he shall issue a collection order requiring the contractor to collect such solid waste or bundled brush within 12 hours.
(Ord. 85-18, passed 10-22-85; Am. Ord. 99-34, passed 10-12-99; Am. Ord. 2009-17, passed 6-9-09; Am. Ord. 2021-11, passed 3-9-21)