(A)   “Minor subdivisions” defined. As noted in § 152.003 of this chapter, a MINOR SUBDIVISION is any subdivision containing not more than three lots fronting on an existing public right-of-way, not involving any new public infrastructure, and not adversely affecting the remainder of the parcel or adjoining property, and not in conflict with any provision or portion of the village’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Map, or these regulations.
   (B)   Minimum standards. In addition to the requirements of the appropriate zoning district, in which the parcel being split is located, the following shall apply to all minor subdivisions.
      (1)   Land use plan. All minor subdivisions shall comply with the village’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and map, and any subsequent amendments thereto.
      (2)   Frontage. All lots being created shall have frontage on a public right-of-way and street. As noted below, the amount of frontage shall be dependent upon the size of the parcel to be created. It shall also be applied to the “remaining parcel.”
         (a)   For parcels being created less than ten acres in size, a minimum of 30 feet of frontage shall be provided to that tract.
         (b)   For parcels being created ten or more acres in size, a minimum of 60 feet of frontage shall be provided to that tract.
         (c)   Parcels with an access only to existing private streets or easements shall be permitted only in circumstances in which an extraordinary hardship exists, and with the approval of a waiver.
   (C)   Pre-application conference; purpose. The village is aware and appreciates the investment of resources incurred by developers. The pre-application conference will provide an opportunity for the developer and village staff to meet informally; openly discuss a proposal; and allow the village staff to provide comment prior to the developer having to make a great investment of resources into a project. The developer shall initiate contact with the village, and may request a time to meet to discuss a proposal.
   (D)   Final plat.
      (1)   Submittal. The developer shall submit the executed original Mylar tracing of the intended final plat, together with at least ten copies, all with original signatures.
      (2)   Approval. Within 15 working days after receipt of the final plat and any additional information submitted with the final plat, any one of the Plat Officer, Mayor, Chair of the Police & Planning Committee, or the Village Administrator shall approve the final plat if it meets the requirements of this chapter. If the plat does not meet the requirements of this chapter, any one of the Plat Officer, Mayor, Chair of the Police & Planning Committee, or the Village Administrator shall identify in writing the deficiencies.
      (3)   Form and data.
         (a)   Land. Reference shall conform with the Plat Act, 765 ILCS 205/1 et seq., to which all dimensions, angles, bearing and similar data on the final plat shall have accurate dimensions, bearing or deflection angles, and radii arcs, and central angle of all curves, and shall include at a minimum:
            1.   Subdivision boundary and individual lot lines;
            2.   Titles, scale, north arrow and date;
            3.   Right-of-way lines of adjacent streets and those street names;
            4.   Easements and other rights-of- way, including their location and dimensions;
            5.   Minimum setback lines on all lots pursuant to the applicable setback requirements in the village code;
            6.   Location and description of monuments, according to the Plat Act, being 765 ILCS 205/1 et seq.;
            7.   Reference to recorded subdivision plats of adjoining lands; and
            8.   If not for residential use, stated purpose for which sites are dedicated or reserved.
         (b)   Certificates. Required verbiage of certificates are found in § 152.029 of this chapter. All shall be sealed or notarized as noted:
            1.   State registered land surveyor:
               A.   A statement as to accuracy of survey and plat with the Surveyor’s signature and seal affixed; and
               B.   A statement that the land being subdivided does or does not lie within one and one-half miles of the corporate limits of any municipality exercising extraterritorial subdivision control.
            2.   Statement by the developer reserving any and all easements and any sites for public uses;
            3.   Village Clerk’s certificate, signed and sealed, stating that all taxes are paid to date;
            4.   Health Department’s certificate, signed, stating compliance with all Health Department regulations;
            5.   Certificate of all appropriate road officials, which may be the Township Road Commissioner, County Engineer and/or IDOT District Engineer, stating that the subdivision has been approved by that road authority with respect to access and then signed;
            6.   Certificate of current ownership of parcel(s) being split, stating that the person(s) signing the plat are the owners of parcel(s) being split and have caused the minor subdivision to be prepared, and to the best of their knowledge the school district(s) in which the parcel is located. The certificate shall be signed by all owners and then notarized by a notary public;
            7.   Certificate of the village’s Plat Officer, Mayor, Chair of the Police & Planning Committee, or Village Administrator, signed and sealed, stating conformance with the village’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the provisions of this chapter; and
            8.   Protective covenants in form of recording.
         (c)   Required notations. The following shall be required on all minor subdivisions, as noted:
            1.   Water note. If the parcel is served by a public water provider or water district, then “Water for this parcel is provided by ________________. Notice of hook-up is required prior to start of construction” shall appear on the minor subdivision final plat. If the parcel is not served by any water provider, and an individual well would be needed, then “There is no public wafer provider to this parcel. Development of the parcel requires a well permit from the Village/County Health Department before the start of construction” shall appear on the final plat.
            2.   Long driveways. For any parcel being created by minor subdivision that extends greater than 500 feet from the adjacent right-of-way and street, the following shall appeal on the minor subdivision: “NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: The creation of long private driveways may result in increased response time or inaccessibility by emergency service vehicles.”
            3.   Zoning. Every minor subdivision shall note the zoning of the parcel on the day of recording with the following note, “On (date) __________, this parcel is known to be zoned __________.”
            4.   Floodplain. The surveyor shall determine if the parcel is located within any regulatory floodplain or floodway. If so, it shall be noted graphically on the final plat, and textually with the following language, “This parcel is located in a special flood hazard area. Zone ____, Community Panel _____________. Improvements to this parcel may require special approval.”
            5.   Waivers. The surveyor shall include as a textual note all waivers that were approved by the Village Board, including the section of the village code from which the waiver was sought.
         (d)   Layout of the final plat.
            1.   All final plats shall be submitted on sheets of Mylar (one original) and paper (minimum of ten copies), that are 16 inches by 22 inches or greater in increments of six inches.
            2.   All information on the final plat shall be readable.
            3.   All datum and legal descriptions shall be organized and listed together.
            4.   All certificates shall be located no more than one inch from any edge of the plat.
            5.   There shall be a one-inch margin around the entire final plat.
            6.   All signature blocks shall be flush with the required one-inch margin.
            7.   All notes shall be organized and listed together on the plat.
            8.   An area three inches by three inches in the lower left comer of the final plat shall be bordered and left blank for the Recorder of Deeds recording stamp and information.
   (E)   Recording. The developer shall have the responsibility and bear the cost of recording the final plat in the County Recorder of Deeds office after it has been approved and signed by the Village’s Plat Officer, and all appropriate signatures obtained.
(Ord. 16-02-, passed - -2016; Ord. 22-06-01, passed 6-7-2022)