(A)   Any person desiring a license to operate a public garage in this city shall make application, in writing, in duplicate therefor to the City Controller, stating in the application the following information.
      (1)   The full name, age and residence address of the applicant; all names and addresses of persons associated with the applicant, such as partners, officers of a corporation and similar persons; and whether the applicant or any person associated with and known by him or her has a criminal record and if so, the details thereof;
      (2)   The name under which and the address where the public garage will be operated;
      (3)   A statement of the type of person who will operate the public garage, that is, whether the person is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or other business entity;
      (4)   A statement describing and naming any other person who may be involved or have an interest in the operation of the public garage and the legal relationship. For example, if it is a franchise, the name and address of the franchisor; if the building in which the public garage will be operated is leased, the name and address of the lessor; and similar information;
      (5)   A statement describing the services or activities which will be performed or carried on in connection with the operation of the public garage;
      (6)   A statement indicating the primary source or supplier of the goods or materials, and a brief description thereof, which will be used in the operation of the public garage, and an indication of the use and disposition of the goods and materials;
      (7)   The names and addresses of all full-time or part-time employees who will work on or about the premises of the public garage, and the length of present employment for each, their prior work experience, the type of work each will perform, and whether any of the employees is known to have a criminal record and, if so, the details thereof.  Also, the name and address of the individual who will be in charge of the premises;
      (8)   The amount of public liability and property damage insurance carried, which shall be not less than that required to be carried by dealers as provided by state law; and
      (9)   The days of the week and the hours of the day during which services or activities will be normally performed or carried on in the public garage.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for anyone to knowingly withhold material information or provide false information to the City Controller in applying for a license or in maintaining, submitting or furnishing any information required by this chapter.
   (C)   All applications made under this chapter shall be verified under oath together with a fee of $100 per public garage.  Fifty dollars of the fee shall be used to defray expenses incurred for investigating and processing of applications and shall not be refundable. The remainder, $50, shall be applied to issuance of a license, if granted.  In the event the application is denied, the $50 will be refunded. 
   (D)   Any permit expiring December 31 whose renewal is obtained after January 31 shall incur an additional late fee of $200 in addition to the $100 annual fee.  Regardless of the date obtained, the annual license will expire on December 31 of each year.
(Prior Code, § 123.11)  (Ord. 3803, passed 2-14-1972; Am. Ord. 8594, passed 8-24-2004)  Penalty, see § 10.99