(A)   All trees on any street or other publicly owned property near any excavation or construction of any building, structure, or street work shall be guarded whenever possible with a fence, frame or box not less than 4 feet high and 8 feet square and all building material, dirt or other debris shall be kept outside the barrier. Where heavy equipment will pass repeatedly over the tree’s critical root zone, articularly in wet conditions, a temporary layer of 10 inches of shredded bark or wood chips shall be placed and maintained on the ground. At the time of tree care permit issuance, it may be specified that the barrier size be enlarged to further protect the critical root zone of the tree during construction activities.
   (B)   No person shall excavate any ditches, tunnels, trenches, or lay any drive within a radius of 10 feet from any public tree without first obtaining street cut and tree care permits from the Park Department.
   (C)   Any and all installations of underground utilities upon the public right-of-way that impact on public trees due to necessary removals or underground conflicts (roots) require a tree care permit and are specifically subject to protection measures designated by the Park Department.
(Prior Code, § 105.20)  (Ord. 8031, passed 12-3-1997)