No person, company or public utility shall plant, remove, excavate within a 10-foot radius of, trench within the critical root zone of, or cut above the ground any public tree or disturb or plant any shrubbery within any tree lawn, park, or other public place unless the City of Hammond shall have first granted a tree care permit. No permit shall be required for the trimming of any branches with a diameter of 3 inches or less. Hereafter, the Department, at the direction of the Hammond Board of Park Commissioners, shall have continuing control over any trees planted, grown, located or relocated. The permit required by the provisions hereof shall not obviate the requirements for obtaining any other permits or licenses required by any other ordinance or statute of the city or state. No permit shall be necessary for tree removal or trimming in emergency situations.
(Prior Code, § 105.15)  (Ord. 8031, passed 12-3-1997)