The Park Department, through the Board of Park Commissioners, shall adopt such reasonable rules and regulations for the location and control of trees in or upon all public streets, alleys, ways, places and parks in the city hereafter. These provisions shall be contained in the Arboricultural Specifications Manual, which may be amended from time to time by a simple majority vote of the Board of Park Commissioners. The Department, at the direction of the Board of Park Commissioners, shall control all trees and flora now growing, or at any time grown in or on any public street, alley, way, place or park and shall also control the maintenance, removal or relocation thereof However, the city’s Street Department shall have the authority to perform trimming and cutting of trees in or obstructing any public street, alley or way as may be necessary to provide unobstructed vision or free passage of pedestrians or motorists along the streets or public ways.
(Prior Code, § 105.03)  (Ord. 8031, passed 12-3-1997)