For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   JUNK MOTOR VEHICLE.  An unsightly motor vehicle or a part from a motor vehicle which meets any 1 of the following qualifications.
      (1)   It does not carry the current valid state registration and license plates;
      (2)   It cannot be safely operated under its own power;
      (3)   It is not carried on the most recent tax records of the County Assessor’s office;
      (4)   It is not in a garage or other building; and
      (5)   It is missing 1 of the front lights or rear lights or stop lights or lights for rear license plates.
(Ord. 3466, passed 7-26-1965)
   NUISANCE.  Whatever is defined and declared by this chapter and other ordinances to be a NUISANCE, and also any place in or on which lewdness, assignation or prostitution is conducted, permitted, continued or exists; any place in or on which lewd, indecent, lascivious or obscene films or plate negatives, film or plate positives, films designed to be projected on a screen for exhibition films, or glass slides, either in negative or positive form, designed for exhibition by projection on a screen are photographed, manufactured, developed, screened, exhibited or otherwise prepared or shown; and the personal property and contents used in conducting and maintaining such place for such a purpose.
   PLACE.  Any building, erection, place or any separate part or portion thereof on the ground.
(Prior Code, § 98.01)  (Ord. 3688, passed 8-10-1970)
Editor's Note:
   This section has been superceded by I.C. 35-49-1-1 et seq. and 35-49-2-1 et seq. to the extent it attempts to regulate pornography, obscene materials, prostitution and the like.