(A)   The Code Enforcement Commissioner is hereby authorized and directed to make inspections to determine the condition of dwelling units, rooming units and premises located within the city, in order that he or she may perform his or her duties of safeguarding the health and safety of the occupants of dwellings and of the general public.  The Health Officer, Fire Inspector and Building Commissioner shall aid and assist the Code Enforcement Commissioner in the performance of his or her duties.  For the purpose of making the inspections, any duly authorized city inspectors are authorized to enter, examine and survey at all reasonable times, all dwellings, dwelling units, rooming units and premises.
   (B)   The owner or occupant of every dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming unit, or the person in charge thereof, shall give any authorized city inspector free access to the dwellings, dwelling unit or rooming units, and its premises, at all reasonable times. For the purpose of the inspection, examination and survey, only adult occupants of a dwelling unit shall give the owner thereof, or his or her agent or employee, access to any part of the dwelling or dwelling units, or its premises, at all reasonable times for the purpose of making any repairs or alterations necessary to effect compliance with the provisions of this chapter.  If 3 attempts to gain entry is denied to the duly authorized city inspector, the inspector shall seek judicial relief to obtain compliance with the terms of this chapter.
   (C)   The Code Enforcement Commissioner and the Building Commissioner shall keep or cause to be kept a record of the business of those 2 departments including records of all inspections performed.  The records shall be open to inspection during normal business hours.
   (D)   All city inspectors shall be required to carry appropriate identification at all times when attempting to perform an inspection.  The identification shall include a valid city identification card, and at least 1 additional form of pictured identification.  In the event that any resident, occupant or property owner is unsure as to the validity of the inspector’s identification, the inspector must provide in writing a telephone number that can be called to verify the inspector’s authorization as well as a letter of explanation so that a scheduled return visit can be made by the inspector (within 2 business days of the visit) with permission by the owner, resident or occupant.
(Prior Code, § 96.85)  (Ord. 3337, passed 8-7-1961; Am. Ord. 3965, passed 2-11-1974; Am. Ord. 8435, passed 7-22-2002; Am. Ord. 8442, passed 9-9-2002)  Penalty, see § 10.99