(A)   (1)   Any dwelling or dwelling unit condemned as unfit for human habitation, and so designated and placarded by the Fire or Code Enforcement Inspector, shall be vacated within a reasonable length of time, of not less than 10 days, as ordered by the Inspector.  After expiration of the vacating period, the space shall be boarded up and secured at the property owners expense.
      (2)   The Police Department shall take appropriate measures to secure the site from re-entry or trespass.
(Am. Ord. 8611, passed 10-26-2004)
   (B)   (1)   No dwelling or dwelling unit which has been condemned and placarded as unfit for human habitation shall again be used for human habitation until written approval is secured from the Board of Public Works and Safety, and the placard is removed by the officer placarding the dwelling or dwelling unit.
      (2)   The officer shall remove the placard whenever the defect on which the condemnation and placarding action were based has been eliminated.
(Prior Code, § 96.66)  (Ord. 3337, passed 8-7-1961; Am. Ord. 8435, passed 7-22-2002)  Penalty, see § 10.99