(A)   Every hotel or motel operated or maintained in the city and every rooming house operated and maintained in the city shall be inspected by the Building Commissioner or duly authorized Building Department Inspector, Code Enforcement Commissioner or duly authorized Code Enforcement Department Inspector, Health Officer or Fire Inspector at least 1 time each year.  This inspection may be made jointly by the inspectors or separately.  In the event of a new registration, the city may select to inspect the property at the time of registration.  The inspection shall be made to ascertain that the operator of the hotel, motel or rooming house has conformed to all requirements of this and all other health and fire prevention regulations of the city and all laws of the state regarding hotels, motels and rooming houses.
(Ord. 3337, passed 8-7-1961; Am. Ord. 3965, passed 2-11-1974)
   (B)   It shall be the duty of every person maintaining or operating a hotel, motel or rooming house to pay to the City Controller an annual inspection fee of $100 per hotel, motel or rooming house.
(Ord. 4300, passed 2-28-1977)
(Prior Code, § 96.58) (Am. Ord. 8616, passed 10-26-2004) Penalty, see § 10.99