(A)   The Building Commissioner is authorized in his or her discretion to order emergency furnace repairs during winter months as follows.
      (1)   This authorization only applies to rental property.
      (2)   The repairs will only be ordered by the Building Commissioner when and if the landlord is unavailable to be contacted to make the repairs or when the landlord is economically unable to make repairs.
   (B)   Once the Building Commissioner has authorized the furnace repairs, he or she shall notify the landlord in writing that the landlord has 30 days to reimburse the city for the cost of the repairs.
   (C)   In the event that the landlord fails to make restitution or to contact the Building Commissioner to make payment arrangements, the City Attorney is hereby authorized to institute a collection action in the City Court for reimbursement of the funds.
   (D)   This section shall only cover emergency repairs and does not authorize the installation of a new furnace in an existing rental property.
(Prior Code, § 96.37)  (Ord. 7649, passed 1-24-1994)