(A)   Upon notification by the Police Department that a legitimate bite has occurred, the report completed and filed by the Police Department must be given to the Animal Control Department within 24 hours of the alleged bite.  The severity of any animal bites or attacks must be entered on the police report to insure proper evaluation and handling of each case.
   (B)   Animals that have not been confined, or controlled by their owners shall be taken by the Animal Control Officers to the Animal Control Shelter and all fees and expenses incurred shall be paid by the owner before the quarantined animal is released.
   (C)   If the owner of a quarantined animal does not pick up the animal after the 10-day quarantine period, that animal shall immediately become the property of the city, and may be disposed of at the discretion of the Animal Control Department.
(Prior Code, § 91.68)  (Ord. 7335, passed 12-10-1990)