§ 91.077  CAT TRAPS.
   (A)   In the event a resident requests a cat trap from Hammond Animal Control, the resident will be required to deposit $25 prior to receiving the trap.
   (B)   If the trap is returned in the same condition that it was when the resident received the trap, the deposit shall be refunded to the resident.
   (C)   (1)   If the trap is returned damaged or reported lost or stolen, the resident will be responsible for reimbursing the city for the cost of the trap.
      (2)   The deposit received will be applied to any balance due.
      (3)   The resident will have 30 days to pay any remaining balance.
   (D)   In the event the resident fails to pay any balance due and owing or fails to make satisfactory payment arrangements, the Law Department will be notified. The Law Department may then take whatever action it deems necessary to recover any outstanding balance.
(Prior Code, § 91.57)  (Ord. 8320, passed 12-18-2000)