(A)   The Board of Public Works and Safety shall have full responsibility for the enforcement of this chapter and shall have powers, not limited to, but including the following.
      (1)   Appointment, removal and regulation of the Humane Officer for the city;
      (2)   Contracting for animal control on any terms as the Board deems proper;
      (3)   Recommending to the local governing authority rules and regulations concerning the care and control of both animals and facilities covered by this chapter;
      (4)   Review of the proposed budget and contracts for all animal control programs;
      (5)   Upon written complaint, the Board shall conduct a public hearing to determine if an animal, shelter or commercial establishment is in violation of this chapter; and
      (6)   Recommending to the local governing authority necessary changes in the law regarding the control of animals.
   (B)   The civil and criminal provisions of this chapter shall be enforced by those persons or agencies designated by municipal authority and the Police Department.
(Prior Code, § 91.04)  (Ord. 4109, passed 7-14-1975)