(A)   After previous notification of 3 or more violations of this chapter within a 12-month period, in respect to the emission of air contaminants, a violator shall be notified by registered mail to show cause before the Chief of the Air Pollution Control Department within 10 days why the offending equipment shall not be sealed.  The notice shall be directed to the last address of the person to be notified, or if the person or his or her whereabouts is unknown, then the notice shall be posted on or near the premises at which the violations have occurred.  If upon the hearing, at which the violator or his or her agent or attorney may appear and be heard, the Chief finds that adequate corrective measures have not been taken, he or she shall seal the equipment until the time corrective measures are taken.  The decision may be appealed to the Air Pollution Control Board, and the appeal shall stay the sealing until the Air Pollution Control Board renders a decision.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person to break a seal that has been duly affixed by the Chief or his or her authorized representative unless authorized in writing by the Chief to do so.
(Prior Code, § 90.090)  (Ord. 3522, passed 1-23-1967)  Penalty, see § 10.99