§ 90.093  WAIVER.
   (A)   Any applicant who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department of Air Pollution Control that the fees assessed for any permit will cause undue economic hardship, may have part or all of the fee requirements waived by the Department with the approval of the City Council by resolution.
   (B)   (1)   Checks shall be made payable to the City Controller.
      (2)   Nonpayment shall result in cancellation of the permit.
   (C)   (1)   Fees shall be non-refundable.
      (2)   If the permit is denied or revoked, the fees shall neither be refunded nor applied to any subsequent application or reapplication.
   (D)   When a document becomes lost or damaged, a replacement shall be requested within 15 days of this status.  A $20 fee shall be charged for replacing a lost document or damaged document.
(Prior Code, § 90.067)  (Ord. 4621, passed 6-23-1980)