(A)   An application shall be acted on within 30 calendar days after it is filed in the office of the Chief of the Department of Air Pollution Control.  The Chief shall notify the person applying for the permit of approval or reasons for rejection of the application in writing.  Upon approval of the application and upon the payment of the prescribed fees, the Chief shall issue a permit for the construction, installation or alteration of the process, fuel burning, refuse burning or control equipment.
   (B)   No permit for the erection, construction or alteration of any building, plant or structure, which is related in any manner to fuel burning equipment or chemical processing equipment, shall be issued by the Building Commissioner or by any department, bureau, division, officer or employee of the city until the Chief of the Department of Air Pollution Control has issued an installation permit covering the equipment under his or her  jurisdiction to be used in the building, plant or structure, as provided within this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 90.053)  (Ord. 3522, passed 1-23-1967)