State traffic signals shall be located at the intersections designated below.
Ord. No.
Becker Street and Sohl Avenue
Calumet Avenue and 119th Street
Calumet Avenue and Gostlin Street
Calumet Avenue and Chicago Street
Calumet Avenue and Hoffman Street
Calumet Avenue and 150th Street
Calumet Avenue and Michigan Street
Calumet Avenue and Sibley Street
Calumet Avenue and Carroll Street
Calumet Avenue and 165th Street
Calumet Avenue and Highland Street
Calumet Avenue and 169th Street
Calumet Avenue and 173rd Street
Calumet Avenue and 121st Street
Calumet Avenue and Sheffield Avenue
Calumet Avenue and Eaton Street
Calumet Avenue and 171st Street
Calumet Avenue and 175th Street
Calumet Avenue and 167th Street
Calumet Avenue and 142nd Street
Calumet Avenue and 141st Street
Calumet Avenue and 129th Street
Calumet Avenue and 117th Street
Calumet Avenue and Conkey Street
Calumet Avenue and River Drive
Chicago Street and Oak Avenue
Chicago Street and Hohman Avenue
Columbia Avenue and 165th Street
Columbia Avenue and Conkey Street
Columbia Avenue and Fields Street
Columbia Avenue and Michigan Street
Columbia Avenue and Southeastern Avenue
Columbia Avenue and 175th Street
Columbia Avenue and Entrance to Burger’s Supermarket
Columbia Avenue and Gostlin Street
Columbia Avenue and 150th Street
Columbia Avenue and Summer Street and Carroll Street
Columbia Avenue and 169th Street
Columbia Avenue and Chicago Street
Columbia Avenue and 173rd Street
Columbia Avenue and Carroll Street
Conkey Street and Harrison Avenue
Conkey Street and Hohman Avenue
Grand Avenue and 169th Street
Harrison Avenue and 165th Street
Highland Street and Columbia Avenue
Hoffman Street and Hohman Avenue
Hoffman Street and Columbia Avenue
Hohman Avenue and Douglas Street
Hohman Avenue and Carroll Street
Hohman Avenue and Highland Street
Hohman Avenue and 165th Street
Hohman Avenue and State Street
Hohman Avenue and Sibley Street
Hohman Avenue and Rimbach Street
Hohman Avenue and Fayette Street
Hohman Avenue and Gostlin Street
Hohman Avenue and Russell Street
Hohman Avenue and Michigan Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and K-Mart entrance
Indianapolis Boulevard and 175th Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 167th Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and Summer Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and Michigan Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 116th Street and Lake
Indianapolis Boulevard and Calumet Avenue
Indianapolis Boulevard and Calumet Avenue and 114th Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 121st Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 106th Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 165th Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 169th Street
Indianapolis Boulevard and 173rd Street
Jackson Avenue and 165th Street
Kennedy Avenue and 169th Street
Kennedy Avenue and 165th Street
Kennedy Avenue and Martha Street
Kennedy Avenue and Cleveland Street
Kennedy Avenue and 171st Street
Kennedy Avenue and 173rd Street
Mulberry Street and Calumet Avenue
Myrtle Avenue and Indianapolis Boulevard
New York Avenue and Indianapolis Boulevard
Parrish Avenue and 169th Street
Rimbach Street and State Line Avenue
Sheffield Street and Gostlin Avenue
Sheffield Street and Hohman Avenue and 137th Street
Sibley Street and Sohl Avenue
Sibley Street and Oakely Avenue
Sohl Avenue and Michigan Street
Sohl Avenue and Willow Court
Sohl Avenue and Fayette Street
Sohl Avenue and Hoffman Street
State Line Avenue and Douglas Street
State Line Avenue and Rimbach Street (l/2 Illinois - l/2 Indiana)
State Street and Oakley Avenue
State Street and Sohl Avenue
State Street and Summer Street
Summer Street and Hammond Valve entrance
112th Street and Indianapolis Boulevard
165th Street and Columbia Plaza entrance
165th Street and Allied Steel entrance
165th Street and Grand Avenue
165th Street and State Line Avenue (l/2 Illinois - l/2 Indiana)
165th Street and Parrish Avenue
165th Street and Summer Street
165th Street and Jackson Avenue
169th Street and Wicker Avenue
169th Street and Purdue University entrance
169th Street and Alexander Avenue
169th Street and Southeastern Avenue
171st Street and Indianapolis Boulevard
173rd Street and Purdue University entrance
173rd Street and Southeastern Avenue
173rd Street and Hohman Avenue
173rd Street and Columbia Avenue
(Prior Code, Ch. 76, Sch. V)  (Ord. 3455, passed 5-10-1965; Am. Ord. 4160, passed 11-24-1975)