§ 70.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   The Judge, Magistrate, or Referee hearing traffic cases for violations of city traffic ordinances as well as state traffic violations which come under his or her jurisdiction, shall assess the violator a fine in an amount as set forth in § 10.99 of this code plus applicable court costs.
   (B)   Persons failing to appear for either ordinance or state traffic violations or failing to pay a fine assessed by the court will have that failure to appear/failure to pay information reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
   (C)   On city traffic ordinances only, the court has the authority and ability to, in its discretion, sentence a person who pleads or is found liable of a traffic ordinance violation to a non-conviction alternative such as traffic school, community service or court education program, and upon successful completion of that non-conviction alternative, the court is authorized to show the charge as being dismissed. The court is also authorized to waive court costs where such action is warranted.
(Prior Code, § 70.99) (Am. Ord. 9105, passed 6-13-2011)