(A)   All sidewalks, either newly constructed, replaced or repaired in the town shall be made in conformity with the provisions of this section, and the grades, plans, profiles and specifications furnished by the town on file in the Clerk-Treasurer’s office, as adopted and approved by the Town Council
   (B)   Sidewalks shall be maintained by the owners of the abutting property so as to be free of defects so that they remain safe, fit and convenient for passage thereon by pedestrians and do not trap and retain debris and litter. When any sidewalk within the town is or becomes out of repair so that it is rendered unsafe, unfit or inconvenient for passage thereon by pedestrians, the Town Council shall notify the owners of the abutting property of the defect in the sidewalk, and if not repaired, relaid or replaced without any directable time, not to exceed 30 days, the Town Council shall then take such action as it deems proper.
   (C)   For purposes of and within the purview of this section, the determination of the Town Council as to the necessity of the repair, relaying or the replacing of any such sidewalk to render it safe, fit or convenient for passage thereover by pedestrians shall be conclusive as far as the town is concerned.
(Ord. 2002-19, passed 1-6-03) Penalty, see § 94.99