(A)   Complaints received pursuant to § 93.18 shall be investigated by the Enforcement Officer. After concluding the investigation and inspection, if the Enforcement Officer concludes there is a probable belief that this subchapter has been violated, the Enforcement Officer shall forward a written notice designated as a notice to abate or a notice to remove or language similar thereto, to the property owner and the person occupying the property as that information is contained within the records of the DeKalb County Auditor or Steuben County Auditor and the utility records of the town or any other source selected by the town. The notice shall be served in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, or an equivalent service as permitted under I.C. 1-1-7-1. The notice shall require that within seven calendar days after the receipt of the notice that the designated violation shall be abated or removed by the property owner and/or the person occupying the property.
   (B)   (1)   All notices sent by the town shall be in writing and all records shall be kept with the Enforcement Officer.
      (2)   Certified mailing to or from the town is deemed filed on the date of posting with the United States Postal Service.
   (C)   If an initial notice of this subchapter was provided by certified mail or equivalent service, a continuous abatement notice may be posted at the property at the time of the second abatement instead of by certified mail or equivalent service.
   (D)   A continuous abatement notice serves as notice to the real property owner that each subsequent violation during the same calendar year for which the initial notice of violation was provided may be abated by the town or its contractors.
   (E)   Notice shall be given to the owner of record of real property with a single owner or at least one of the owners of real property with multiple owners.
(Ord. 2012-5, passed 9-4-12)