(A)   Any person installing water lines which are to be connected to the public water mains, including, but not limited to, any person owning the facility being so connected and any person doing construction on behalf of that owner, are to be governed by the terms of this section and subject to the penalties provided for herein.
   (B)   Before the commencement of construction, the person responsible for the construction of the proposed water line connection is to have on file a certificate of insurance at the Town Clerk’s office evidencing coverage for the construction of the line and protecting the town from any liability pertaining to the construction.
   (C)   Meters are to be installed inside houses, unless such installation is impractical and a written waiver has been obtained from the Water Superintendent.
   (D)   All risks pertaining to water meter damage from freeze-up or as a result of any other natural occurrence, shall be retained by the customer and shall not be the responsibility of the town. Customers are to be charged with the expense of replacing water meters.
   (E)   All remote readers are to be placed on the structure served and four feet above the ground.
   (F)   All water lines are to be inspected by the Water Department before covering, and the Water Department is to be given adequate notice of the need for the inspection.
   (G)   The town will provide customer data forms to be picked up by the contractor when picking up meters and remotes, at the Clerk-Treasurer’s office. Completed forms must be submitted to the Clerk- Treasurer’s office by no later than 4:30 p.m. on the first Friday after they are picked up.
   (H)   All meters and remotes are to be of a type and manufacture as specified by the Water Department of the town.
(Ord. 90-9, passed 12-3-90) Penalty, see § 51.99