No person, firm or corporation shall make any opening, excavation or perform construction work of any kind within or through any street or roadway or adjacent to streets and roadways that significantly alter the conditions and appearances of streets and roadways in the town, except under the control and direction of the Town Engineer and after a receipt of a permit issued by the Town Engineer. The Town Engineer shall have the authority to grant the permits on the terms and conditions for the excavation and backfilling of the excavations in any street or highway, and for the replacement of pavements removed as hereinafter provided. Permits shall be issued in compliance with the terms hereof, and a fee as set by the Legislative Council will be charged for each permit, according to § 97.01b.
('66 Code, § 22-1; Am. Ord. 312, passed 1-7-91; Am. Ord. 432, passed 2-5-01)