§ 91.02 Legislative intent.
   (A)   It is found and declared that junk vehicles and junk appliances upon any property within the town:
      (1)   Are detrimental to public safety, health and welfare;
      (2)   Constitute a nuisance and particularly imperil the health and safety of children;
      (3)   Constitute a potential source of fire and explosion;
      (4)   Are and may become harborages of rodents and breeding places of insects; and
      (5)   Threaten and depreciate neighboring properties.
   (B)   The preservation of public health, the elimination of such public peril and the general protection of property and maintenance of property values are proper concerns of the town.
   (C)   The enactment of §§ 91.01 to 91.06, inclusive is necessary for the protection and preservation of the public health and safety, and property and property values.
(Adopted 8-5-68)