The purpose of the industrial subdistrict of the SCI district is to provide a location for the production, sales and storage of bulky goods and associated wholesale and retail sales, offices and parking. The subdistrict is also to provide a location for light manufacturing and other light industrial types of uses. The intent of the district is to provide a location for those uses that dedicate a substantial portion of their area (more than 50 percent) to exterior storage and/or staging areas, and relatively little area to interior showrooms, offices or retail space. The district is intended to include those uses that, by reason of their impact or perceived impact on neighboring uses, are not appropriate in the central business district. This article assumes that the following list of uses is not exhaustive and that other like uses may be permitted upon administrative review pursuant to subsection 17.01.050B of this title, as amended. (Ord. 1191, 2015)