Purpose, Title And Interpretation   17.01
Definitions   17.02
Administration   17.03
Establishment, Purposes And Uses Within Zoning Districts   17.04
  Recreational Green Belt District (RGB)   17.04A
  Limited Residential District (LR)   17.04B
  General Residential District (GR)   17.04C
  Neighborhood Business District (NB)   17.04D
  Limited Business District (LB)   17.04E
  Transitional District (TN)   17.04F
  Business District (B)   17.04G
  Light Industrial District (LI)   17.04H
  Technological Industry District (TI)   17.04I
  Flood Hazard Overlay District (FH)   17.04J
  Airport District (A)   17.04K
  Service Commercial Industrial District (SCI)   17.04L
  Townsite Overlay District (TO)   17.04M
  Hillside Overlay District (HO)   17.04N
  Central Core Overlay District (CC)   17.04O
  Peri-Urban Agricultural Overlay District (PA)   17.04P
  Small Residential Overlay District (SRO)   17.04Q
  Downtown Residential Overlay District (DRO)   17.04R
Official Zoning Map And District Use Matrix   17.05
  Future Acquisitions Map   17.05A
Design Review   17.06
Supplementary Location And Bulk Requirements   17.07
Supplementary Regulations   17.08
  Fences, Signs   17.08A
  Wireless Facilities   17.08B
  Outdoor Lighting   17.08C
Parking And Loading Spaces   17.09
Planned Unit Developments   17.10
Conditional Use Permits   17.11
Variances   17.12
Nonconforming Uses And Buildings   17.13
Amendment   17.14
Enforcement   17.15