§ 159.16  VIOLATION.
   (A)   If any property owner violates the provisions of this chapter, the property owner shall be notified in writing of the violation.  Notice of the violation shall be written notice and shall include a statement of the nature of the violation, location of Building Commissioner and Town Clerk-Treasurer’s office, identification of the violator, and identification of issuing official.
   (B)   The Building Commissioner shall send a Violation Notice by certified mail or by delivery in person to the property owner found to be in violation of this chapter and that person shall have a maximum of 15 days to complete and return a form letter indicating agreement to Correct the Violation Within 30 Days or to Appeal the Violation.
   (C)   Upon receipt of a request for an appeal, the Building Commissioner shall notify the appellant in writing of the place and dates to schedule an appeal.  The property owner may appeal The Violation, The Compliance Requirements, or The Completion Date.
   (D)   Upon presentation of convincing evidence, the Building Commissioner may negotiate an adjusted Compliance Schedule commensurate with the evidence presented and in keeping with this chapter.
   (E)   Upon proof of hardship, a resident-owner may be granted a continuance for those violations requiring the expenditure of unavailable funds provided that the violations do not adversely affect the public health or safety.
(Ord. 5-1990, passed 9-16-1991; Am. Ord. 20-2006, passed 12-4-2006)  Penalty, see § 159.99