(A)   The exterior of all premises and the condition of all buildings and structures thereon shall be maintained so that the appearance thereof shall reflect a level of maintenance in keeping with the standards of the town and so as to avoid blighting effects and hazard to health, safety, and welfare.
   (B)   The owner and operator shall keep the exterior of all premises and every structure thereon including but not limited to walls, roofs, cornices, chimneys, drains, towers, porches, landings, fire escapes, stairs, refuse or garbage containers, store fronts, signs, windows, doors, awnings and marquees, in good repair, and all surfaces thereof shall be kept painted or protected with other approved coating or material where necessary for the purpose of preservation and avoiding a blighting influence on adjoining properties.  Exterior wood, composition, or metal surfaces shall be protected from the elements by paint or other protective covering.  Surfaces shall be maintained so as to be kept clean and free of flaking, loose, or peeling paint or covering.  Those materials whose appearance and maintenance would be enhanced by a natural weathering effect or other natural effects may remain untreated.
   (C)   All surfaces shall be maintained free of broken glass, loose shingles, crumbling stone or brick, peeling paint, when the peeling consists of at least 33 1/3% of the surface area, or other conditions reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance, and not show evidence of weathering, discoloration, ripping, tearing, or other holes or breaks, to the end that the property itself may be preserved safely and fire hazards eliminated, and adjoining properties and the neighborhood protected from blighting influences.
   (D)   All premises shall be maintained and lawn, hedges, bushes, trees, and other vegetation shall be kept trimmed and from becoming overgrown and unsightly where exposed to public view or where the vegetation may constitute a blighting influence on adjoining property.
   (E)   All vacant structures and premises thereof or vacant land shall be maintained in a clean, safe, secure, and sanitary condition as provided herein so as not to cause a blighting problem or adversely affect the public health or safety.
(Ord. 5-1990, passed 9-16-1991; Am. Ord. 20-2006, passed 12-4-2006)  Penalty, see § 159.99