(A)   Any person, firm, or corporation locating conduits, pipelines or mains, electrical wiring, or other similar underground structures under the surface of any street, avenue, alley, or public ground or part thereof shall present to the Town Council, or its designated officers, a written statement specifying all streets, avenues, alleys, or public grounds or parts thereof in which the conduits or similar structures are to be located, the size and portion of the streets or other areas involved, the size of the conduit or other structure to be used, and the distance from the surface of the street or ground to the top of the conduit or other structure.
   (B)   The statement shall be accompanied by a map, profile, and specifications, which shall show the proposed location with reference to grade lines, the surface of the street or grounds, the dimensions and material of the conduit or other structure, and the manholes, appliances, and connections to be used therewith.
   (C)   The map, profile, and specifications shall be referred to the Superintendent of Streets for suggestions with reference to the proposed location of the conduits or other structure, in respect to other improvements.  The proposed location shall be changed if change is found necessary and directed by the Town Council or its designated officers.  The map, profile, and specifications shall be furnished by and at the expense of the person, firm, or corporation constructing the conduit or other structure, and, together with the original statement referred to above, shall be filed in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer.  The proposed construction shall be done in accordance with the statement, map, profile, and specifications as approved.
   (D)   A change in location, material, or method of construction may be made upon the application of the interested person, firm, or corporation and the recommendation of the Superintendent of Streets; provided the change is approved by resolution of the Town Council, and the person or company making the change files with the Clerk-Treasurer an amended statement, map, profile, and amended specifications describing the conduit or other structure, as changed.
(1963 Code, Ch. 12, § 3)  (Ord. 2-1960, passed 8-15-1960)