(A)   The Town Council may in its discretion, at any time it deems it necessary and proper, enter into written contracts with any owner or owners of land, including owners of housing developments, in the vicinity of the town for the furnishing by the town, through its municipal utilities, electric current and/or water for the use of landowner or landowners, where the town is not prohibited by law from so doing.
   (B)   Any contract entered into shall include, among other things, all the terms and conditions under which the services shall be installed, maintained, and operated, provided:
      (1)   Each ultimate consumer of the service shall be charged therefor at rates charged to Hagerstown consumers generally;
      (2)   Connection charges shall be uniform to all consumers; and
      (3)   None of the services shall be furnished by the town until all charges have been paid in full in accordance with the provisions of the contract.
(1963 Code, Ch. 12, § 3)  (Ord. 2-1960, passed 8-15-1960)