(A)   A Superintendent of Utilities shall be appointed by the Town Council.  Under the direction of the Town Council, the Superintendent shall have special supervision of the buildings, machinery, conduits, pipes and mains, and all other property and equipment connected with the utilities of the town.  He or she shall inspect all connections with service conduits, pipes and mains, the excavating and filling of ditches for the same, and shall see that all connections and hydrants are kept in good repair and condition.  He or she shall report all violations of any provisions, rules, or regulations of the code or any other ordinance or amendment thereafter made.
   (B)   The Superintendent shall give bond to the State of Indiana as may be required by law.
   (C)   Unless a Superintendent of Utilities is specifically appointed by the Town Council, the Town Manager shall be the Superintendent of Utilities.
(1963 Code, Ch. 12, § 6)  (Ord. 2-1927, passed 5-16-1927; Am. Ord. 1-2008, passed 1-22-2008)
Statutory reference:
   Management and control of utilities, see I.C. 36-9-2-14 and 36-9-2-15