(A)   The city shall cause to be printed certificates or seals of the city to be supplied to all licensed sellers, shippers and distributors of the mineral waters, which the certificates or seals shall be substantially in the following form, to wit:
   “This certifies that the receptacle to which this is attached contains                                                  .  Licensed Distributor, Guthrie, Oklahoma.”
   (B)   The blanks in the certificate or seal shall be filled in with the amount and kind of water contained and name of distributor, which certificate or seal shall be furnished to all licensed distributors of the waters at prices to be fixed from time to time by the City Council, to be used by them in the sale, shipping and other distribution of the waters, and it shall be unlawful for anyone, except the holder of a license to in any way make use of the abovementioned certificate.
(`90 Code, § 18-20)