§ 9-8  CHARGES.
   (A)   The City Clerk shall charge and collect for refuse and garbage service monthly fees which shall be established by the City Council by motion or resolution. 
(`90 Code, § 9-8)
   (B)   All bills for sanitary service, otherwise known as garbage and refuse service, rendered by the city, any of its duly constituted authorities, or its private contractor(s), shall be included on water or utility bills of the city.  No payment shall be accepted by the City Clerk, except for the full amount billed for all services and delinquent sanitary bills, otherwise known as garbage and refuse service bills, shall carry the same due dates, grace periods and penalties as water or utility bills. 
(`90 Code, § 9-9)  (Am. Ord. 2999, passed 3-21-95)