(A)   Crude oil storage tanks shall not be constructed, operated or used, except to the extent of two steel tanks for oil storage, not exceeding 500 barrels capacity and so constructed and maintained as to be vapor tight provided, that additional tankage may be approved by the City Manager or his or her designee.
   (B)   A permittee may use, construct and operate a steel conventional separator and other steel tanks and appurtenances as are necessary for treating oil with each of the facilities to be so constructed and maintained as to be vapor tight.  Each oil, gas separator shall be equipped with both a regulation pressure-relief safety valve and a bursting head.
   (C)   There shall be a minimum separation distance of at least 25 feet between storage tanks (crude and water) and heater treaters or other equipment designed to be heated with burners or electric elements.  The provisions of this section shall apply only to tanks or equipment installed, placed or replaced, on or after the effective date of the ordinance by which this section was enacted.
   (D)   One hundred-twenty days after completion of the well, the tank battery, diking, fencing and other surface equipment needs to be installed.
(Ord. 2991, passed 7-19-94)