Whenever any well is abandoned or to be plugged and abandoned it shall be the obligation of the permittee and the operator of the well to obtain a plugging permit and to plug the well as follows:  set a 200-foot cement plug across and 100 feet above Perry Gas Sand (last known hydrocarbon bearing zone in area); a 200-foot cement plug in the bottom of the surface casing, with the top of the plug 100 feet inside the surface casing section; and to set a 50-foot cement plug in the top of the surface casing.  In any well where surface casing has not been set in accordance with § 4-279, the well bore shall be filled with cement from 200 feet below the base of the deepest fresh water zone and back to surface.  No surface or conductor string of casing may be pulled or removed from a well.  During initial plugging and abandonment operations, it will be the obligation of the permittee and operator to circulate the well with drilling mud weighing not less than nine pounds per gallon, and to circulate this mud until stabilized and the well shall be kept filled to the top with drilling mud of the weight herein specified, at all times; mud- laden fluid of the above specifications will be left in the well bore below and between cement plugs.  Any additional provisions or precautionary measures prescribed by the state, the Corporation Commission or the City Manager or his or her designee in connection with the plugging and abandonment of a well shall be complied with by the permittee.
(Ord. 2991, passed 7-19-94)