§ 4-230A  SIGNS.
   (A)   Neon signs.
      (1)   Neon signs may be permitted within the Historic District, by review and approval of the Commission, as follows:
         (a)   Neon signs with the single word “open” shall be considered.
         (b)   Approved neon signs shall be installed on the inside (interior) only.
         (c)   Lettering may be horizontal or vertical; however, the sign must be rectangular in shape.
         (d)   Block style lettering only is allowed; no script shall be allowed.
         (e)   The maximum size shall be 12 inches × 25 inches.
         (f)   Only one sign per address shall be allowed.
         (g)   No running or flashing lights or signs shall be allowed.
         (h)   Neon colors are limited to not more than two colors.
      (2)   Approved neon signs are not transferable from one address to another.
   (B)   Promotional, temporary and banner signs.
      (1)   Promotional signage requirements.  All promotional signage must conform to Ord. 3075, passed 3-20-01, codified in this chapter.  The maximum area of coverage is six square feet.  A limit of one sign per building shall be allowed for interior lots, corner lots may display two areas, one for the front elevation as well as one for the side elevation.  The font and colors used must match the approved existing permanent signage.
      (2)   Temporary and banner signage requirements.  All temporary and banner signage must conform to Ord. 3075, passed 3-20-01, codified in this chapter.  All temporary and banner signs are limited to one per building.  Banner signs may not exceed two feet by 25 feet in size.
      (3)   Promotional signage bond.  No bond is required.
      (4)   Temporary and banner signage bond.  A bond of $75 must be paid at the time of request for temporary or banner signage.  If the temporary or banner signage is not taken down or replaced with the approved permanent signage within 30 days, the bond will be forfeited.  The Code Enforcement Office may grant one extension, not to exceed 15 days if all appropriate fees have been received.
(Ord. 3127, passed 1-20-04; Am. Ord. 3173, passed 3-21-06)