(A)   At the start of the application process, persons may submit evidence that their building should be considered a general resource which would qualify them for consideration by the Commission at its next meeting.
   (B)   In those cases in which the Commission finds that a property proposed for demolition is located in an historic district, but is considered a general resource in the district, the Commission shall reaffirm the evaluation of the property as a general resource using criteria set forth in this article prior to recommending approval of a demolition permit.
   (C)   The application for demolition of a general resource must be accompanied by the following documents:
      (1)   A description of the applicant’s plans for the property if demolition is approved and the appropriateness of same in relation to the city’s zoning code and the current guidelines for new construction in a historic district; and
      (2)   Replacement plans for the property in question. Replacement plans for this purpose will include but not be limited to preliminary elevations and site plans.
   (D)   When the resource is determined to be a general resource, the Commission shall not approve the application for demolition unless the property owner agrees to minimum landscape and maintenance requirements as specified under § 4-229 and all other city ordinances and codes.
   (E)   General resources that are approved for demolition must be demolished in a manner that will ensure the continued integrity of existing contributing resources. If infill construction is not part of the post-demolition plan, measures must be taken to reestablish the street wall after demolition through the use of fences, walls or vegetation, consistent with current guidelines for new construction in a historic
(Ord. 3075, passed 3-20-01)