(A)   The following signs are hereby prohibited within the city:
      (1)   Off-premises signs, including billboard signs.
      (2)   Signs erected in violation of the city’s building, electrical, or sign codes.
      (3)   Portable signs, except those allowed as temporary signs. Any sign so designated as to be removable from one location to another and not permanently attached to the ground or any immobile structure, whose primary function during a specific time is to provide advertisement for products or directing people to a business or activity located on the premises.
      (4)   Roof signs.
      (5)   Signs attached to or painted or drawn on any utility pole, curb, sidewalk, light post, hydrant, rock, bench, bridge, fence, highway marker, highway regulatory sign or mailbox on public property.
      (6)   Signs illuminated to such an intensity or brightness as to cause glare or impair vision. Lighting shall be shielded upward to prevent light from being directed at any portion of a traveled roadway or an occupied residential area. This requirement shall not apply to internally lit signs with a lighting intensity of less than 100 foot lamberts (candles). No illuminated sign shall be erected within 50 feet of other property in a Residential District or PUD Designated Residential Development Area if visible from such district or area.
      (7) Signs erected in the public right-of-way.
      (8)   Signs on vehicles used as an on-premises advertising sign.
      (9)   Banner signs, except those allowed in § 4-174 as temporary signs.
      (10)   Any sign which may interfere with the view of or be confused with any traffic control sign, signal or device, or any sign which may interfere with, mislead or confuse traffic, or reduce visibility at any street intersection.
      (11)   Signs for businesses that are no longer operating.
      (12)   Digital displays may be permitted only if the images remain constant for a period of time not less than six seconds and the transitions appear instantaneous; and signs with scrolling text shall be allowed provided the length of the message does not exceed six seconds.
      (13)   Signs erected in, projecting into, or otherwise located or placed in the public right-of-way except those placed by agencies of government or those that may be allowed in the Historic District.
      (14)   Outdoor advertising signs, including billboards, and on fences.
      (15)   Signs with structures larger than is reasonably necessary to support the sign.
   (B)   Portable trailer signs may be used by non-profit organizations but shall only be utilized and visible to the public two days prior to an event, during the event and shall be removed from sight one day after an event. In no event shall any portable trailer sign remain visible to the public for any continuous period in excess of 14 days.
   (C)   Legally nonconforming billboard signs are signs which are lawfully erected and maintained prior to the enactment of this section and any amendments thereto and which do not conform to all the applicable regulations and restrictions of this code.
(Ord. 3215, passed 10-18-10)