The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
   ADVERTISING DEVICES.  Banners or streamers affixed to poles, wires, or ropes, wind operated devices, flashing lights, and other similar contrivances.
   BACK-TO-BACK SIGN.  An advertising structure with two closely located signs which face in opposing directions, spaced less than ten feet apart at the point of shortest measurement.
   BANNER SIGN.  A sign with characters, letters, or illustrations applied to a flexible material intended to be hung, suspended, or otherwise attached without a rigid framework.
   BENCH SIGN.  A sign incorporated into the seat or back of a bench which is intended to be sat on by customers. Signs typically include one or more off-premises advertisements.
   BUSINESS SIGN.  Any display, device, figure, plaque, poster, billboard, or sign maintained or used to advertise or inform or to direct the attention of the public to a business or activity conducted upon the premises upon which such sign is located or to a product or service sold or rendered thereon.
   FACE.  That area of a business sign containing the advertising information, painting, drawing, or message intended or used to advise or inform, and excluding trim and supports.
   FACE OF BUILDING.  The total area of the main wall of a building, including windows, doors, and openings, that abuts the front yard of a building or walls that are located on the front property line. On corner lots the FACE OF THE BUILDING shall include main walls facing the front yard and side yard or main walls fronting on all front and side property lines.
   FLASHING SIGN.  Any sign, the illumination of which is not constant in intensity when in use, except illuminated signs which indicate the date, time, or temperature, or other public safety information displayed by or at the direct request of city, county, state, or federal agency shall not be considered a FLASHING SIGN.
   MARQUEE SIGN.  Any sign affixed to a marquee over the entrance or on the face of a building and supported from the building.
   MOVING SIGN.  Any sign which moves or has moving parts other than parts which indicate time, temperature; or other than moving devices which provide needed public service information.
   OFF-PREMISES SIGN.  A sign which directs the attention of the public to a business or activity conducted or product or service sold or offered at a location not on the same premises where such business sign is located.
   OUTDOOR ADVERTISING SIGN.  Any display, device, figure, plaque, poster, billboard or sign maintained or used to advertise, promote, or direct attention of the public to a business or activity other from that conducted upon the premises upon which such sign is located.
   POST SIGN.  Any business sign which is not attached to a building but is supported by braces, post, or by any other means than by attachment to a building support.
   PREMISES.  An area under a single ownership or a single lease, no part of which is separated from the other by any land under a different ownership or lease agreement.
   PROJECT SIGN.  A sign or signs displaying the name of a shopping center and/or tenants occupying space within a shopping center.
   PROJECTING SIGN.  Any sign which is firmly attached to a building and extends outward from the building.
   ROOF SIGN.  Any sign painted, erected, constructed, or maintained upon the roof of any building.
   SIGN.  An identification, description, illustration, or device which is affixed to or represented directly or indirectly upon a building, structure, or land and which directs attention to a product, place, activity, person, institution, or business.
   SIGN AREA.  The entire area of the actual message or copy area. It shall include decorative trim or embellishments but shall not include structural elements outside the limits of such display surface and not forming an integral part of the display. On all signs, all faces shall be counted in computing the SIGN AREA.
   STREET OR HIGHWAY FRONTAGE.  The distance along any one side of any public street or highway, street or alley, measured along the right-of-way line or parallel to the normal right-of-way line where the right-of-way line is not fixed.
   WALL SIGN.  Any sign which is painted on or firmly attached to a wall of any building and which does not extend beyond the building more than 12 inches.
(Ord. 3215, passed 10-18-10)