(A)   (1)   Each recreational park shall be provided with at least one service building adequately equipped with flush-type toilet fixtures and other sanitary facilities as required in this article.  No service building shall contain less than two toilets for females, one toilet and urinal for males, one lavatory and shower for each sex.
      (2)   The toilet and other sanitation facilities for males and females shall either be separate buildings or shall be separated, if in the same building, by a soundproof wall.
      (3)   Recreational vehicle parks having ten or more spaces shall be equipped with washing and drying facilities.
   (B)   Service buildings shall:
      (1)   Be of permanent construction and be adequately lighted;
      (2)   Be of moisture-resistant material to permit frequent washing and cleansing;
      (3)    Have adequate heating facilities to maintain a temperature of 70°F. during cold weather and to supply adequate hot water during time of peak demands; and
      (4)   Have all rooms well ventilated with all openings effectively screened.
   (C)   All service buildings and the grounds of the park shall be maintained in a clean, sightly condition and kept free of any condition that will menace the health of any occupant or the public or constitute a menace.
(`90 Code, § 4-51)  (Am. Ord. 2810, passed 4-21-87)