(A)   (1)   The Electrical Inspector is hereby authorized and directed to have general supervision over the placing, stringing or attaching telegraph, telephone, electric light or other wires and the placing of all poles and appliances so as to prevent fire, accident or injury to persons or property and to cause all wires and electric lights to be so placed, constructed and guarded as not to cause fire, accident or endanger the life or property of any and all lights and the wire or electrical apparatus now existing, as well as those hereafter constructed and placed, shall be subject to the supervision.
      (2)   Whenever any electric wiring or other electrical apparatus becomes unsafe or in a defective or insecure condition, the Inspector shall notify the owner, agents or tenants.
   (B)   On failure to repair or remove the defective wiring or apparatus within 24 hours, or the time as the Electrical Inspector may deem necessary, the Inspector shall cause the service to be suspended.
(`90 Code, § 4-34)