939.13 FUNDING.
   Funding for the Utility shall include, but not be limited to:
   (a)   Stormwater management service charges;
   (b)   Direct charges. This charge will be collected from owners, developers and others for the cost of designing and constructing stormwater facilities, and for administrative costs and related expenses where the Utility designs and/or constructs or contracts for the construction of such facilities, including costs associated with abatement procedures undertaken by the Utility;
   (c)   Direct assessment. This charge will be collected from owners in localized areas that desire stormwater drainage facilities not considered a part of the regional development or where an improvement is desired ahead of the priority status;
   (d)   Other income obtained from federal, state, local, and private grants, or revolving funds. (Ord. 12-022. Passed 5-29-12.)