(a)   The Utility shall be administered by the City Administrator who shall have the responsibility for planning, developing, and implementing stormwater management or sediment control plans; financing, constructing, maintaining, rehabilitating, inspecting, and managing existing and new stormwater facilities; collecting fees and charges for the Utility; implementing and enforcing the provisions of this Code; and other related duties.
   (b)   The Utility may avail itself of the services of other City departments necessary for the discharge of its responsibilities. Services of finance, personnel, law, public works, engineering, and the like, which are used by the Utility shall be provided at cost.
   (c)   A Stormwater Utility Advisory Committee may be established at the discretion of the Council, to consider matters related to the Utility organization, operation, financial matters, and amendments. The Advisory Committee shall have no authority to bind the City or the Utility with respect to any matter including easements, expenditures or contracts.
(Ord. 12-022. Passed 5-29-12.)