(a)   Before any building sewer is repaired or altered, a permit shall be obtained from the Administrator. Such permit shall be issued only to a licensed sewer tapper who can satisfy the Administrator that he is competent to do such work. An inspection charge of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be paid to the Administrator at the time the permit is obtained. The sewer tapper applying for a permit shall furnish the street address of the building to be connected and the number of the lot as determined by the Franklin County Auditor's Office. All permits herein provided shall become null and void ninety days from the date of issuance. No refund of the inspection charge shall be made unless a request is made and the permit returned within the above mentioned ninety days.
   (b)   The sewer tapper to whom a permit is issued shall be held responsible for the proper installation of the building sewer in accordance with the rules and regulations contained herein. (Ord. 16-022. Passed 5-23-16.)