(a)   Any person desiring to be a demolition contractor shall apply to the Building Division for such registration on a form prescribed therefore, together with the nonrefundable fee required by the fee schedule. If no fee has been specifically provided, then the applicant shall pay the general fee prescribed for newly initiated areas of regulation that year.
   (b)   The applicant for demolition contractor registration shall meet the following requirements:
      (1)   Be not less than eighteen (18) years of age;
      (2)   Be a United States citizen;
      (3)   Have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in the demolition field; and
      (4)   Be of good moral character as defined herein.
   (c)   Determination of a full year. A "full year" of experience, where required in Section 1379.02(b)(1), shall be based on twelve (12) consecutive calendar months during which the applicant shall have been gainfully and verifiably employed for not less than sixteen hundred (1600) working hours doing the work of construction demolition.
   (d)   In determining the moral character of an applicant, the board of home improvement contractors may consider:
      (1)   A record of repeated violations of the City Building Code or elsewhere.
      (2)   A record of repeated violations of other laws or ordinances regulating building construction or demolition in the City or elsewhere.
      (3)   A record of dishonest practices or malpractice in the conduct of a business, trade or profession.
   (e)   An application for registration as a demolition contractor shall be confirmed and signed under oath by the applicant. The application shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Name of the applicant.
      (2)   Name of business entity to be registered by the applicant.
      (3)   Date of birth.
      (4)   Current residence and business addresses of the applicant.
      (5)   Current residence and business telephone numbers of the applicant.
      (6)   Dates of previous registrations with the Building Division, if any.
      (7)   Names of contractors, including their addresses and telephone numbers, with whom affiliated or by whom employed during the five (5) years immediately preceding date of application.
      (8)   Other information deemed necessary by the Building Division.
   (f)   The Contractor Licensing Board of Review shall review the application for a demolition contractor registration.
(Ord. C33-02.  Passed 4-15-02.)