In considering the appropriateness of any proposed change to the exterior surface of structures in the areas regulated, the Chief Building and Zoning Official, or Planning Commission and Council in the case of appeal, as established in 1143.05(b), shall consider the following:
   (a)   The distinguishing qualities or character of the area in which the proposed change is located shall not be diminished.  Changes should be harmonious with or a betterment of the qualities and character of the surrounding properties.  Changes, which result in the removal or alteration of any material or distinctive architectural features, shall be discouraged.
   (b)   Distinctive stylistic features or examples of skilled craftsmanship which characterize a building, structure or site should be treated with sensitivity.
   (c)   Every reasonable effort shall be made to protect and preserve archaeological resources on or adjacent to the property.
   (d)   Contemporary design for alterations and additions to existing properties shall not be discouraged when such alterations and additions do not destroy architectural or cultural material, and such design is compatible with size, scale, color, material and character of the property, neighborhood or environment.
   (e)   Compliance with any other Regulated District established in the Codified Ordinances for the City.
(Ord. C33-01.  Passed 5-21-01.)