1143.01   PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to maintain a high character of community development to protect the stability of property values and for the general community welfare by regulating the exterior characteristics of non-residential structures and preservation of buildings.  The following purposes are hereby established to protect and promote harmony of developments in the City:
   (a)   To define the concepts and components of planning and design, which would cause all commercial renovation and new construction to be compatible with the places and properties of the commercial districts, which constitute the City's development heritage, thereby protecting the value of property.
   (b)   To create, protect and preserve civic qualities, open spaces, effective traffic flow and vehicular access within community entry corridors, all of which help define the high quality of community heritage necessary for the City to retain its economic identity.
   (c)   To establish design and development concepts and guidelines to promote architectural continuity and good design, and to promote and create desirable relationships between circulation systems and adjacent land uses, and the related relationships between parking areas and buildings within the existing community.
(Ord. C33-01.  Passed 5-21-01.)