All territory annexed to the City shall immediately upon annexation be subject to the zoning classification, regulations and restrictions as hereinafter set forth in this section.
(Ord. C39-84. Passed 7-2-84.)
   (a)   Territory annexed to the City shall be zoned by Council after receiving recommendations from the Planning Commission if the petitioner(s) for annexation apply to the Planning Commission as hereinafter set forth in subsections (b) and (c) hereof. All other annexed territory zoned under County or Township zoning shall be classified as the most comparable district of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   Petitioner(s) for annexation may apply to the Planning Commission for a zoning classification(s) once an annexation petition has been filed with the County Commissioners. Once the County Commissioners have approved the annexation, Council shall act upon the annexation ordinance, whereby the zoning classification(s) shall be a part. Council shall accept, deny or modify the Planning Commission's recommended zoning.
   (c)   A petitioner(s) requesting annexation shall file with the Clerk of Council within fifteen days of the approval of annexation by the Board of County Commissioners, or before, the names and mailing addresses of all persons, corporations and entities owning land within, contiguous to and directly across the street(s) from the parcel or parcels of territory to be annexed to the City. Thirty days notice shall be given to said property owners advising them of the hearing to accept the annexation and establish the zoning classification(s) to the territory to be annexed.
(Ord. C85-94. Passed 11-21-94.)