Council may, from time to time on its own motion or petition, after public notice and hearing, amend the regulations and districts herein established but no amendment shall become effective unless the same has been first submitted to the Planning Commission for approval. The Commission shall give its consideration and report back to the Council within sixty days from submission. If the Commission does not act within the sixty day period, it will be deemed to have approved the action of Council. No such amendment which has been disapproved by the Commission shall take effect unless subsequently passed by a three-fifths vote of Council. If any area is hereafter transferred to another district by a change in the district boundaries by amendment as provided in this section, the provisions of this Zoning Code with regard to building or premises existing or buildings for which permits have been issued at the time of the passage of this Code (January 20, 1975) shall apply to buildings or premises existing for which permits have been issued in such transferred area at the time of the passage of such amendment.
(Ord. C79-74. Passed 1-20-75; Ord. C65-88. Passed 7-18-88.)