Permitted Contents      Address
                  Name of Business
                  Primary Use
                  Phone Number
      Permitted Types      Wall, window, joint identification and ground
      Maximum Number of Signs   Two per building (excluding directional signs and projecting nameplates and except as otherwise provided for in buildings with multiple business occupancy.)
      Maximum Sign Area (Sq. Ft.)   1 sq. ft. of signage per 4 linear feet of frontage; 25 maximum total on all signs. A minimum sign area of 4 sq. ft. required for all signs.
      Projecting Signs      No sign shall project more than 36-inches from the face of a building and shall not advertise a name brand product.
(Ord. C85-01.  Passed 12-3-01; Ord. C131-88.  Passed 1-16-89; Ord. C83-94.  Passed 11-21-94; Ord. C24-03.  Passed 4-21-03.)